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September 6, 20191

This is a very important question that clarifies why candidates want to run for a public office and whether what they claim is consistent with what they propose. I would like to give a little wider view on why I got involved in politics then specify on my current race.

A moral and just world was my dream since before going to college. As a matter of fact, it was the reason why I studied philosophy. It was obvious for me that postmodernity world has a wide range of new challenges that affected our ethics, economy, social relations, politics and culture.

I was thinking that through philosophy I will be able to participate in making the world a better place. My interests in philosophy were related to this utopian world that I was dreaming of. I started researching metaphysical and ontological issues that deal mainly with existential subjects that are the foundations for the moral theory. I thought that by solving and theorizing in ethics, politics, law, economy and social theory, I would be contributing and giving the world what we need: the truth.

As much as my observation and knowledge about the main challenges to a fair and just, peaceful and moral world were growing, my hopelessness was growing too. Politics control almost every aspect of our lives; it shapes our entire culture. No matter how hard we pursue the truth, we cannot influence people without the involvement of politics. Politicians, mostly, are driven by power and self-interests, reforming society and enhancing people’s lives are not priorities for them, unless they are their gateway to power. I hated politics and I saw that there was no hope for a change or a reform in politics.

But, things changed! And for the first time in years, I felt that there is hope.

In the last couple of years of Obama’s presidency, people realized that Mr. hope and change is not different from his precedents, they all promised and haven’t delivered. Worse than that, by the end of his presidency we realized that he bombed 8 countries, bailed out the banks and let wall street and the rich get richer while we got poorer.

In 2016, after the DNC rigged the primary, we realized the truth about this entire party; they are not for the people. A lot of us thought that a billionaire from New York, who is against wars and who is out of this corrupt field could make the country ‘Great Again’. But, he wasn’t different from the others. He continued bombing Syria and Yemen, gave the rich the ultimate tax cuts and devastated more people than Obama.

The public awareness is increasing, the social media provided different points of views, analysis and revelations about our corrupt political system. Progressive movements are growing rapidly, and people are desperate for a change.

With these changes, my hope in a peaceful and moral world is renewed. Acknowledging that politics have a major influence on our lives, I decided to get involved in politics and fight for what I was working for and dreaming of for years.

Why I’m running as PGP?

I looked at different parties when I was unaffiliated, I found that the major parties are corrupt parties and controlled by big moneys and people in power. The two-parties system is a failed system; it maintained the status quo and maintained corruption. I found that the PGP is the only party that advocates for a lot of the values that I am advocating for. They call for peace, protecting the environment and the climate, free healthcare and social justice, long before anyone else. They are, also, the only party that refuses corporations and PACs contributions. I found the people in PGP believe and fight for a lot of what I believe in and fight for.

Why I’m running for the US Senate?

It is proven that gradual transcending in positions is not related at all to the ability to fight corruption and reform. On the contrary, taking politics as a career minimize the possibility of fighting the corrupt system in many ways. Having said that, I believe that I can be more effective in this seat than any other position.

As a philosophy student, I was trained to THINK logically and morally. Thinking, seeking the truth and evaluating the ethical aspect of the law is what most politicians lack, and it is also what I am going to provide when elected. Furthermore, I am going to be a servant to the people. Our politicians do not engage us in the law-making process, they don’t come to us and discuss with us what are they going to vote for. Their town halls are a mere promotion for what they already have done, or an opportunity to make excuses for their already made decisions. This is not a democracy! This is not a true representation! This is not how I envisioned my serving time in office.

Moreover, I am running specifically against Senator Merkley, because he is not as what he depicted himself for the public to be. Merkley is a partisan guy who perfectly and successfully hid from us and appeared as a progressive person while helping the status quo maintain their corruption. I will talk in details about Merkley and expose his truth in my town halls and speeches without holding back. Raising people’s awareness about Merkley and politicians like him is a necessary step toward reform.

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  • Peter Sage

    February 1, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    Yours is an interesting, important story. If I read you correctly, you principles brought you to such a profound distaste for Hillary that you concluded that a person of conscience might as well take the leap of faith to try to see if an outsider might make some change. I write a political blog and have seen some eighty campaign events this cycle, and write about th3m daily. My readers would be interested in your thoughts.

    It is my view that you are not likely expressing left nihilism, and indeed more likely a kind of idealism. But I would prefer hearing your description.

    Peter W Sage


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