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September 27, 20190

What is STAR voting?

A voting methodology developed to be an alternative to the current voting method (Plurality). The winner according to STAR voting is determined by two steps: First, all the scores for all the candidates are added up. The second step is an automatic runoff between the two highest-scoring candidates. In the runoff, the voter full vote is automatically assigned to whichever of the top two you rated higher.

STAR voting

The ballot shows both the voter level of support for and preferences between the candidates. If the voter gives two candidates the same score, then, he expresses no preference between them should they both be finalists.

What does the STAR voting seek to accomplish?

The ‘Equal Vote’ is the ultimate goal that the STAR voting system is seeking to achieve. A democratic election should mean that its outcome is reflecting the true preferences of the voters. Although the plurality voting system has the potential to reach the state of ‘Equal Vote’, the reality is that it is also one of the most susceptible voting methodologies to corruption. The current system is compromised by money and power that enabled the status quo to maintain their corruption by influencing public opinion. The dominance of the two parties has, for decades, bargained the election process and consequently democracy. The STAR voting system has the ability to separate the voter’s fear of being represented by the worse candidate from his decision and preference in the ballot.

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