Foreign PolicyThe the Congress and Drone Strikes

October 7, 20190

10 people arrested for protesting our crimes 👇🏼 Now Story

Obama in 2016 alone dropped 26,000 bombs, multiple strikes could be considered one under the Pentagon definition.

26,000 thousands bombs

Drone strikes always have casualties, but this haven’t stopped our government from continuing to use them in their alleged fight against terrorism.

Although the public awareness on the reality of wars and our government hegemonic projects is unprecedently higher than before, no movement was able to stop these atrocities.

The congress recent attempts to reassert the need for their approval to wage a war or carry out a military operation , mostly from members of the democratic party, is just a political game between the doupoly.

The recent attempts to stop supporting the Saudis in their war on Yemen (mostly from Democrats) is a clear example of how is the congress is more bloodthirsty than Trump. The same people who tried to stop arming Saudis recently, were supportive of the same aid and political cover up when the war started under Obama late 2015, despite their knowledge of the Saudis crimes and their sponsorship of terrorism (including Merkley).

It is our responsibility to make sure that such atrocities never happen again. And it’s our responsibility to choose who will fight these crimes instead of supporting them.


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