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December 4, 20212





This is only a draft that needs to be clearer and more organized. I assume that most of you have some idea about the problem. The importance of having a counter plan can be realized by thinking about this question: for how long can we remain resistant to their agendas if we were prevented from getting our food from the stores? Or there was not enough food on the shelves for dissidents?


I am using the exposure that I am having right now as a candidate to spread the word and start taking action, NOW.


We have to secure our food supply to be able to continue the fight.


  1. Supply Chain disruption:

China is imposing quarantines of up to 7 weeks for cargo ship crew, and it’s bad news for the supply chain.

Nov 25, 2021


Port of Vancouver CEO warns of supply chain issues due to flooding: ‘The crisis is here’

Nov 25, 2021


  1. digitalizing the food supply => digital currency, digital ID, centralized control.

“overcome these, DP World has derived a long-term digital technology plan through SeaRates, a freight-rate spot marketplace, married with CARGOES Flow, the enterprise tracking tool for intermodal shipments. What these solutions provide is supply chain visibility with a real-time optimisation engine that enables alternative routes, mitigates delays as well as monetary risks.”

Nov 28, 2021


  1. EU plan for food supply openly talking about transforming the way we eat and get our food

“CITIES2030 vision is to connect short food supply chains, gathering cities and regions, consumers, strategic and complement industry partners, the civil society, promising start-ups and enterprises, innovators and visionary thinkers, leading universities and research across the vast diversity of disciplines addressing UFSE, including food science, social science and big data.”


  1. Organized cyber attacks targeting the supply chain to introduce the new solutions => centralized and digitalized food supply controlling what you eat and maybe how much you eat.

A prime target for cybercriminals has been the Operational Technology (OT) networks which interconnect the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that manage our critical infrastructure. As services like power grids, water treatment facilities, transport and healthcare systems increasingly integrate their operational technology systems with the internet of things – for example through remote sensors and monitoring – this creates a new frontier of risks where millions more vulnerability points and new vectors can be exploited by hackers. These attacks have huge implications not only on businesses but also on communities, cities, states, and entire countries. The consequences can be dire. In April 2020, hackers targeted Israel’s water treatment facilities through their IoT system, which gave attackers the ability to change the water pressure, temperature, and chlorine levels of the water. If the attack had fully succeeded, this could have led to whole communities becoming sick from the water supply or triggering a failsafe which would have left thousands of people without water entirely.” WEF, Oct 20, 2021



Counter plan


Create our own food supply chain. This chain of food supply must be:

  1. local 2. short 3. independent  4. legal


How to create this chain?


Honestly, I do not know the challenges beforehand to be able to suggest a perfect plan but here is what we need to start with after forming local groups:


  1. Connect with local farmers and ranchers, learn about their type of farming, their dependence on government subsidies, their debt standing, their flexibility to produce other types of food and their thoughts and understanding about what’s going on (important to know who we can rely on when the pressure increases).
  2. Study the legal challenges of direct buying and selling from farmers.
  3. Arrive at a process of buying and transportation from the farm to the buyer.
  4. Explore the need of an employed middle man or a retailing store (not leaning toward this but it might be good)
  5. Prioritize activism in this field (food security is the ultimate tool of control. Henry Kissinger: “control the food to control the people”.
  6. Connect with landowners who can use the space they have to grow food and raise animals. (this is a powerful and necessary step)
  7. The point is creating a local sufficient and food supply chain. The ideology and the understanding of the supplier, I expect, will influence their future plans and resistance. Not that important to know the buyer’s thoughts.
  8. This plan must address the challenges during lockdowns too, I expect that we are going to see different flavors of them in the future unless we stop the madness.
  9. Each county and preferably town must have its own chain. Decentralize as much as you can to overcome future challenges. Therefore, we need to expand our reach and message to the entire state.

email me that you are interested in this so I can start a group/ committee or find an existing one.



  • Leslie Barnett

    May 2, 2022 at 7:54 pm

    I like this evaluation and analysis



    May 5, 2022 at 11:51 pm

    very interesting what you say you were saying this about supply chains for food i 2021 and now it is a hot topic too and frightening the pandemic got me getting food from a local grower but many miles away looks like I need to do more prep


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