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January 21, 20224

Cares act 


The Cares act is nothing but a direct attack on Americans and humanity. This heinous act funded authoritarianism incentivized it and mandated it on every essential sector in our government.


This abhorrent bill was the beginning of building the infrastructure of the tyrannical technocratic state under the guises of a public health emergency. Our corrupt government deceived the public by including the $1200 stimulus checks in it, while simultaneously, funding the war against them. Furthermore, this bill is the biggest transfer of wealth from the people to the top by ensuring that the public bails out Wall Street and enriches the banking cartels through inflation and the national debt.


This bill cannot be described by anything other than a war against the ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.


In general, the CARES Act increased the national debt by, bailing out Wall Street, funding the illusion of public health emergency, pushing for remote learning, increasing data collection, funding big pharma and gaving them indemnity, shielding the healthcare industry, creating forces of tyranny and normalizing the concept of government handouts as follows:


  1. The attack on small businesses.

The act allowed the federal government to borrow $349 billion dollars from Wall Street bankers and made them available as loans to small businesses managed by the same bankers enabling them to collect interests on that money that was created out of thin air from both ways. Section 1102 of the act allows small businesses to apply for a loan to cover their payroll expenses. The fraud can be noticed by realizing that these loans require the employer to have employees on his payroll and that at the time of this bill and considering the time required to apply for this loan the majority of small businesses had lost their employees already, therefore, had lost the ability to acquire that loan. In comparison, section 4112 provided $32 billion dollars in forgivable loans to the air travel industry to pay for wages and benefits. This was a gift to this industry from taxpayers’ money while they are suffering and being impoverished. The act prevented landlords from evicting tenants who failed to pay their rents, which might seem to be a good idea in such a crisis but when we consider the $600 weekly bonus of the unemployment insurance and that 8 million independent Americans who depend on their rental properties for income are not qualified for PPP loans we could see why is this moratorium is a very destructive idea.



  1. Normalizing the concept of government handouts.


Andrew Yang was a one-issue presidential candidate seeking the nomination of the Democrats. He advocated for the Universal Basic Income idea. A communist program that allows the government to pay the people $1,000 a month without needing to work. The concept was very popular among a small portion of the population but widely rejected in general, even between democrats; for the very simple fact: the people who work will pay for the people who can work but don’t. The CARES Act with its stimulus check program and the unemployment insurance bonus forced this concept widely on the population after preventing them from their right to earn a living. The effects of this concept can be seen in 2021 in employers’ struggle to find employees. Should anything similar happen in the near future, the public perhaps will demand the return of this destructive concept.



  1. Funding the illusion.

The health care industry was heavily incentivized to keep the illusion of a pandemic going by: (a) receiving special funds for testing for COVID, despite the inaccuracy of the available tests, and following COVID treatment protocols put forward by the NIH and other governmental agencies. Section 3211 designated $1.3 B for COVID testing and treatments. (b) general funds for community health centers that carry out COVID treatments and tests. Section 3831 allocated $4 B to extend coverage for community health centers. (d) specific funds for Medicare & Medicaid programs (Elmhurst hospital ex.) section 3718, page 145 reads :

“Hospitals in the program of accelerated payments Medicare,
(ii) increase the amount of payment that would otherwise be made to hospital under the program up to 100 percent or in the case of critical cases up to 125 percent.”

Diagnosing patients with COVID (even without a positive test), ventilating them, and using harmful protocols like Remdisever brought unprecedented profits to hospitals and healthcare providers especially in a time when the people stayed home and avoided doctors.


  1. Funding the war


The war on us under the guise of public health was funded in this bill which included $4.3 billion for the CDC to build and modernize data surveillance infrastructure in cooperation with states and tribal governments.


The push for vaccines is instrumental for the usage of vaccine passports, a document that allows societies to create two classes of citizens, violate the rights of those who do not comply, limit their movements, their rights to commerce, their access to government services, their livelihoods, and social activities. Countries around the world already started the use of digital passports that are linked to the government’s IDs and licenses. This digital infrastructure could develop to include the central bank’s digital currency, medical records, social behavior, and consumption scores.


This Act pushed for the unprecedented development of coronavirus vaccines, page 280 reads as follows:


For an additional amount for ‘‘Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund’’, $27,014,500,000, to remain available until September 30, 2024, to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, including the development of necessary countermeasures and vaccines, prioritizing platform-based technologies with U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities, the purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, necessary medical supplies, as well as medical surge capacity, addressing blood supply chain, workforce modernization, telehealth access and infrastructure, initial advanced manufacturing, novel dispensing, enhancements to the U.S. Commissioned Corps, and other preparedness and response activities.

The act encouraged health care providers to carry out the enacted protocols of COVID19 with patients without the need of having proper testing or even confirmed cases.


That ‘‘eligible health care providers’’ means public entities, Medicare or Medicaid enrolled suppliers and providers, and such for-profit entities and not-for-profit entities not otherwise described in this proviso as the Secretary may specify, within the United States (including territories), that provide diagnoses, testing, or care for individuals with possible or actual cases of COVID– 19

The push for every sector to carry out COVID protocols and implement the CDC guidelines was apparent throughout this bill. For instance, page 284:


For an additional amount for ‘‘Education Stabilization Fund’’, $30,750,000,000, to remain available through September 30, 2021, to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally: Provided, That such amount is designated by the Congress as being for an emergency requirement pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.


Sec. 3212, amends the Public Health Service Act to read “evidence-based projects that utilize telehealth technologies” which is consistent with the heavy push toward the smart cities project, part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution championed by the globalists. Remote learning, working and services are foundational features in this new economic direction that would require the removal of many basic human rights like dignity and privacy.

Section 3214, establishes the Ready Reserve Public Health Corps. A new highly trained unit to carry out the orders of the secretary of health and human services. This is an established army that will be utilized to carry out the biosecurity state agendas page 93:

‘‘(3) For purposes of paragraph (19) of subsection (a), the terms ‘Military department’, ‘Secretary concerned’, and ‘Armed forces’ in such title 10 shall be deemed to include, respectively, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Commissioned Corps.’’


The act also shields healthcare providers and vaccine manufacturers from liabilities during the emergency status. This indemnity is extended to several sectors and areas, section 3215 with regards to volunteers reads:


Except as provided in subsection (b), a health care professional shall not be liable under Federal or State law for any harm caused by an act or omission of the professional in the provision of health care services during the public health emergency with respect to COVID–19 declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sec 4009, allows the Federal Reserve, a private entity that was given control of the nation’s money supply, to have closed meetings until Dec 31, 2020.
Additionally, the money that was partially borrowed from the Federal Reserve, with interests, to fund this Act was returned to them to manage the loan programs of Sec. 4003 which is nothing but a transfer of wealth to the top:

To provide liquidity to eligiable businesses states and municipalities related to losses incurred as a result of coronavirus the secretary is authorized to make loans , loan guarantees and other investments in support of eligible businesses states and municipalities that do not in the aggregate exceed $500 B and provide the subsidy amounts necessary for such loans and other investments .
Not more than 25 B loans for air carriers
Not more than 4B for cargo loans
Not more than 17B for businesses critical for national security , what are they ??
Not more than 454 B shall be available to programs or facilities established by the board of governors of the federal reserve for the purpose of providing liquidity to the financial system.

Notable provisions:

  • Section 4112: provides $ 32 B to the airline’s industry for wages reimbursement.
  • Title VI page 262 provides $45 B for the Department of Homeland Security

To carry out COVID measure and other undefined purposes

  • Additional fund $3.8 B for Department of Defense.
  • $10 B for Airports bailouts.
  • $30 Billion to implement COVID measures by the Department of Education
  • Section 601: $150 Billion in Support of states.



  • Millard J. Melnyk

    January 21, 2022 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks man! I wish I’d paid more attention at the time. A fucking military force under “health and human services”? Serving WHICH humans, exactly? Holy crap.



    May 5, 2022 at 11:41 pm

    wow amazing data you present thank you DARN..i think they are headed to DC soon to ask for even more money please tell me where you stand on forced injections? it looks like you may be against them


    • Admin

      May 5, 2022 at 11:45 pm

      You guessed correctly. Strongly against it.



    May 5, 2022 at 11:45 pm

    the cares act gave me more money for food which was a big help I am on SNAP supplemental nutrition assistance I am permanently disabled I did not know though that they were bailing out the dirty banks and just leaving me crumbs and making life worse for my children yikes


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