UncategorizedORP Former Treasurer Alex McHaddad Endorses Ibra A. Taher for Congress

October 26, 20230

Alex McHaddad:

When crises arise, cooler heads must prevail or the chaos will spread. The world is torn asunder right now by war and violence exacerbated by poorly calculated intervention. When I evaluate candidates in 2024, I will be looking for the voices most loudly calling for peace, in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and every other region torn apart by conflict. Ibra Taher has the experience and philosophical grounding necessary to keep a cool head when evaluating America’s foreign policy decisions in the House of Representatives. His background as a US Senate candidate for two different political parties, Republican and Green, gives him the opportunity to build a unique coalition that can actually beat Val Hoyle’s machine in Congressional District 4. I urge my fellow Republicans in southwest Oregon, from Eugene to Gold Beach, to vote Ibra Taher for Congress on May 21, 2024.

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