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For anglers, waterfowlers, and other sportsmen, access to streams and waterways is the most important factor in their participation in – and the maintenance of, our storied outdoor traditions. Furthermore, waterways and streams, in my view, are crucial for people’s power, food safety net, and alternative to the industrialized ways of living.

These opportunities, however, as a lot of other similar issues, are far from guaranteed. Corporate greed, alleged sustainability, and urbanizing efforts are underway to change existing stream access laws, which vary widely from state to state, to bar us from fishing, wading, floating or otherwise utilizing these important resources. Moreover, the current challenges to water access fit the pattern of limiting public freedom and access to natural resources to integrate what is viewed as loose ends in the bigger economic structure.

Recognizing the importance of this issue and the great work of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, I am honored to sign the following pledge which each one of us should be encouraged to sign:

All Americans should have the opportunity to enjoy our nation’s great outdoors. Access to our public waters is crucial to upholding our outdoor traditions. While private property rights must be respected, I believe that everyone should be able to access our rivers and streams. The ability to hunt, fish and float these waterways should not depend on an individual’s economic means or social standing. I pledge to defend our opportunities to access America’s waterways and to join others in sustaining our outdoor legacy.

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