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The ‘boycott, divest and sanction’ is a non-violent movement that targets the apartheid state of Israel. This movement – which is led by Palestinians, was inspired by the BDS campaign against apartheid South Africa. However, unlike the South African’s BDS, the Palestinians’ BDS demands the ‘right of return’ to Palestine and implementing the UN resolution 194. I find it bizarre from politicians who claim to be advocates for democracy and Palestinians rights to oppose this movement because of their demands of the ‘right of return’; for : (1) this right is supported by the UN !! And (2) it is the Palestinians land that got stolen not ours and they are the people who became refugees not us. So, by what rational or moral reason we gave ourselves the right to deny them their right of self determination? (3) it is a non-violence movement that tries to resist violence!!

I, therefore, support the BDS movement and every non-violence movement that advocates for the Palestinians rights.

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