Ibrahim was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1989 to two immigrant parents. His father was a computer science student at U of O. His mother was a housewife who was taking care of him and his siblings.

From an early age, Ibrahim showed exceptional intellectual abilities. His curiosity for knowledge made him passionate about learning and reading; by his 18th birthday, he had more than a thousand books in his own library at home.

Before high school, Ibrahim moved with his Persian mom to Kuwait where he discovered that they have free education from kindergarten to PhD. He went to Kuwait University from which he got his B.A. in Philosophy. Then after, he moved back to his hometown (Eugene) to pursue higher education. As a father, he couldn’t afford to provide for his family and pay for school tuitions. He did not stop, he applied for a teaching job in Kuwait, that enabled him to get his Masters in Philosophy and provide for his family.
In 2016, Ibrahim moved to Rochester, MN to get specialized medical attention. After a successful long treatment, Ibrahim moved back to Eugene where he lives now with his wife and two kids.

Ibrahim was Interested in areas in Philosophy that are related to the people and society like ethics, critical thinking and philosophy of social science. That is, these areas in philosophy discuss the structure of our value systems that govern our societies. He realized that politics- which is a social behaviour, is broken, corrupted and the main obstacle that prevents us from having ethical societies where justice, morality and peace thrive.

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