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Whereas politicians’ only job is to represent the majority of the people,

Whereas politicians are in a position of trust,

Whereas corporations, PACs and organizations money in politics is used, exclusively, to influence politicians

Whereas corporations, PACs and Organizations represent the interest of only small groups of people and exclude the majority of the people,

Whereas Corporations, PACs and Organizations’ money and influence lead to the corruption of the congress and other elected officials,

Whereas the supreme court’s ‘Citizens United’ ruling misleadingly and wrongfully granted artificial entities the same rights of human beings,

Whereas PACs are unelected entities that influence our politics,


1. Reverse the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United’ ruling and other similar or related cases.

2. Amend the constitution to strictly establish that Corporations and organizations are not people, and money is not a form of speech.

3. Prohibit corporations, organizations, businesses and PACs from showing, granting or giving any form of support to candidates or parties.

4. Criminalize corporate, Organizations and PACs financial support, whether directly or indirectly, to any candidate or party.

5. Recognize Corporate, Organizations and PACs money or services that seek to influence elected officials as ‘Bribes’

6. Restrict individuals’ money donations to political campaigns to no more than two hundred US dollars in each cycle.

7. Ban all types of PACs and Lobbying Firms.