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Mar, 26th, 2020

It is disheartening to see the degree of corruption and manipulation* that our government has reached.

We live in a crisis. A crisis of propaganda and disinformation manufactured by the media and our corrupt self-serving politicians that is being used to lead our country toward authoritarianism.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, our media deployed its vicious tactics against the people by obscuring the science, omitting the truth and spreading fear, paving the way for our corrupt politicians to advance their Orwellian agendas and destroy our main street economy.

COVID19 is a new strain of known common cold viruses[1], the Coronaviruses. New strains of cold viruses[2] [3]and other types of viruses are regularly studied and tracked by different health organizations including WHO and the CDC to assess the need for intervention without any special attention[4] from the media for a valid reason; there is no rational cause to be worried.

      “Although the majority of infections with the four endemic CoVs only cause mild respiratory diseases, all HCoVs can also induce severe illnesses. This particularly affects risk groups such as immunosuppressed patients, patients with previous pulmonary disease and infants, but rarely also patients without a specific risk profile”[5]

So, what is the situation here? Why are we worried about this specific strain of coronaviruses but not the others? Is there scientific evidence that causes this concern?

Those questions are not being answered with science, but with politics and propaganda.


If we look at the argument of mutation: science refutes it by explaining that viruses’ mutation is regularly seen, studied and tracked. Therefore, the COVID-19 is not unique in that aspect.

And if we look at the fear of spreading, we will see that it depends on presuming that it has more severity than the other corona and flu viruses that circulate continuously without special concerns. Additionally, the hospitalization rate[6], which is related reproduction rate is usually lower in the spring and the summer.

And when we look at the severity argument we see claims that it has higher mortality rates than the regular common cold viruses by up to 40 times higher, while a close look at these numbers shows that media and politicians, unrealistically & illogically, are regarding the ‘Case Fatality rate’ as the same as the ‘Estimated Death Rate’. The ‘Case Fatality Rate ‘ is a false indicator of the risks of the disease. The CFR uses the methodology of ‘Induction’ that has limitations discussed in science and the philosophy of science. For that reason, health organizations, including the CDC, use another indicator that reflects the realistic risks of the disease; the ‘Estimated Death Rate’

The crude CFR of the Corona by itself is between 0.4% (Germany) and 10% (Italy), the average between countries is 3.8%. Therefore, it has lower or arguably similar CFR to the seasonal flu.


        “The mortality rate is the number of deceased cases as a proportion of the number of  (actual) diseased cases. There are no reliable data on this because the actual number of sick people is unknown and may be significantly higher than the number of reported cases (see “Actual number of sick people”). If the number of sick cases is actually underestimated by a factor of 4.5–11.1 (see “Actual number of sick people”), this would probably affect the number of (mildly) sick people who would not be covered by the monitoring system. This would also reduce the lethality (closer to reality) by a similar factor”.[10]

The CFR produces higher and unrealistic rates[11]. For that reason, you could see the realistic death numbers of the regular flu are measured by the EDR which is 0.1% for the seasonal flu and estimated to be 0.04% – 0.12% for the COVID-19 in the epicenter Wuhan, China[12].

Consequently, it appears that the mortality risk of the flu could be as much as twice higher than COVID-19. Hence, there is no rational and logical justification that can be made to be concerned about the risk of a disease that does not even come near to what we have no special attention to, let alone lower.

The second argument of severity is the rapid spread. As I mentioned above, coronaviruses are widely spread[13], and almost all people have had one or more of the coronaviruses that could cause the common cold. And,


    “Almost all people are infected with these CoV variants in the course of their lives. Because of only temporary immunity, reinfections of the same type are also common. In addition to the typical clinical picture of an ARE, the endemic CoV can in rare cases also cause serious diseases of the lower respiratory tract such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This is more common in people with pre-existing cardiopulmonary or malignancies, immunosuppression, and infants and older adults.”[14]


Our media and government have been obscuring science[15] and omitting these facts, spread fear and distress [16] based on unrealistic[17] worst-case scenario predictions[18][19] and allowed internet giants to censor dissidents’ voices under the pretext of fighting fake news.


Worse than all of that is the draconian and unwise[20] measures that are attacking our civil liberties, destroying the livelihood of the bottom 50% of the people[21] and diminishing family and small businesses and concentrating more wealth and power for the 1%.


I believe that we need to:

  1. Limit ‘self-shelter’ and ‘social distancing’ protocols to the known vulnerable demographics[22] in highly infected and condensed areas and make it voluntary.
  2. Encourage the demographics that has no serious risks, to resume work and outdoor activities as normal.
  3. Provide paid sick leaves for every infected person up to 3 weeks from diagnosis or until 2 weeks after the disappearance of the symptoms.
  4. Prepare temporary ICUs and beds to raise the current capacity to match the estimated need.
  5. Direct funds to closely monitor, study and assess the spread of the virus.
  6. Urge states and local government to continue encouraging citizens to follow hygiene and sanitization’s instructions.
  7. Continue the halt on foreclosures and evictions.


  • For using only part of the truth about the virus, and omitting other scientific facts.

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Additional reading: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

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