Nations’ developments are measured by their investment in education. Investing in education is, factually, an investment in the future of the nation. No civilization can last without knowledgeable and moral people.

Education provides the public with one of the most powerful weapons to success: knowledge. Ignorance is the enemy of any society; it leaves them vulnerable to the endless challenges of life. Building societies and nations begin by supporting them with the power of knowledge. The fate of any nation and civilization lies in the hands of its future generations. Investing in the education of future generations and their psychological and physical well-being is essential for any nation that wishes to last and continue its developments.

Societies are responsible for providing the means for strong and moral education to all of their citizens. Most state universities and colleges in the country have shifted from being educational institutions to unethical indoctrination and money-making institutions that benefit plutocrats by exploiting the public with student loans, shaping the education to maintain the status quo, and controlling what can be learned through censorship and harassment. Legislatures must keep politics out of education.

Parents have the sole right to choose the type of education their children would receive. The government’s role should be advisory and impartial toward parents’ elected type of education. No student should be forced to learn values or information without the permission of their parents.

Educational institutions must only teach facts and objective information without any direction toward certain ideologies. Controversial facts, morals, and social values must not be taught in schools. The facts must be proven scientifically with a common consensus. Disputable theories have to be taught as a hypothesis along with its counter opinion. The universal and indisputable rules and values of morality and society should be injected into the educational process. Values like peace, justice, respect, self-control, kindness, selflessness, cooperativeness, honesty, generosity, and bravery are universal moral values that are essential for any society. Religious education should be available and optional. Sexual education must not be beyond protection methods if necessary. Public schools must not directly or indirectly teach sexual relations types, preferences, and,  controversial and disputed family structures, especially in middle and high school; the psychological sensitivity is the highest at this age. It is also vital to focus on building and developing critical and logical thinking skills; it pertains to every aspect of life.

The influence of schools, nowadays, is more dangerous than ever before. The destruction of family culture and social values increased the sensitivity of schools in the United States. The schools now are, hugely, the only social environment for kids outside their house, making its impact detrimental to our societies. The current values that are being taught in our schools will further destroy families and societies. The ruling class has been influencing our education systems for decades, and the results are what we are witnessing right now in our younger generations.

The technocrats can create entire generations that are fractured, submissive, and obedient more than ever before. The meaning of life, society, family, and values can be and is substantially engineered to serve a specific predatory class. The parents’ responsibility has never been more important; to be the ones in charge of nurturing their kids. 

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