We, as humans, must adopt a lifestyle that satisfies our essential needs and preserves the planet. Our right to use natural resources must not be abused as an excuse that could negatively impact the environment and the climate, lead to species’ extinction, or pollute the air or the water.

The limited right of using the resourcing of this planet is indisputable. That is, every human has the right to use nature to obtain his/her food, clothing, medicine and dwelling. We also have the right of using the environment and natural resources for our non-vital needs with the strict condition of not impacting the planet negatively. Our lifestyle, which has been shaped by our economy, is destroying the planet that we are obligated to preserve. We have no rights to destroy the earth because we are not the only habitats of this planet and we are not the only humans that will live on it. A lifestyle that uses clean and renewable energy, doesn’t pollute the air and water and doesn’t harm other species on the planet is very easy to achieve with the current development of science. We have no excuse whatsoever, for continuing our destructive lifestyle.

The greed of corporatism has no limits, governments must regulate and restrain this greed. Large corporations and governments are mainly guilty of polluting and destroying the planet. The guilt of corporations, which is driven by their greed, is the largest. Fossil fuel companies are the largest polluters and contributors to greenhouse gas emissions on earth. Governments around the world haven’t done any significant thing to phase out fossil fuels to clean renewable resources despite their abilities to achieve that objective within a short period of time.

Protecting the environment is not only one nation’s responsibility, but governments from all over the world must also do their part in protecting the climate and the environment. The United Nation must oversee and demand all countries to stop polluting the planet. Furthermore, the UN must take bold actions against any country that does not comply with the necessary international demands. At least, the UN should obligate countries to phase out fossil fuels and stop the practice of deforestation. Our country is the richest and the strongest, our responsibility toward the planet is also the biggest: especially when the largest polluters on the planet are our companies and our military. Our current government is controlled by the largest polluters, most of our politicians serve their self-interests. We, the people, are responsible for polluting the planet; we elected unqualified officials. Along with changing our lifestyle, we have to look carefully for who we want to give him the power of representing us. We are responsible too!

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