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Peace, Respect Sovereignty and Fairness must be the pillars for any foreign policy. Wars must only be allowed to defend ourself from a direct attack on our nation.

By peace, we eliminate any act of war or what could potentially lead to violence. Conflicts must be solved with diplomacy without any provocative negotiations. Peacekeeping is a very noble mission and the international community is responsible for keeping the world a safe place. Using peace as a pretext for provoking a war or violence must be prohibited. Our country must abide by these ethics and stop our hegemonic projects across the entire world. The United States must withdraw its military from any war whether declared or not and bring all our troops home.

What we mean by Respect Sovereignty is that we must not force, middle or intervene in any nation’s affairs. Our country has to be a model in respecting the way other nations wish to govern themselves. Self-determination is, and only, that nation’s own right; no country has the right to interfere with others rights. The United States must stop forcing other nations to adopt our political, economic and cultural systems. Arming, supporting rebellions and assisting coups in other nations and countries is the clearest exemplification for disrespecting and meddling in others own affairs. Our country must stop such ongoing plans and refrain from any similar attempts in the future. Protecting other nations from oppression must go through its international proper channels according to the UN charter.

Fairness in foreign policies extends to several aspects of international relations between states and nations. It is important to assert on two aspects of fair policies: 1) our economic interests must not justify harming the economy of another nation. Competing and expansion in the global trade market have to be ethical in a way that does not thrive on the expenses of others or by bullying and manipulation. Our government global hegemony has been crossing — and is still crossing, every line of ethics and fairness since World War II. Our strongest economy resulted from and is maintained by our global hegemony. We must not justify our greed, we need to get rid of it. 2) Our international policies and relations must be built on Mutual Benefits. Preventing other nations from developing their economy by unethical methods to maintain our dominance must not be acceptable.

Our military and armed forces have to exist solely for one purpose, that is defending ourselves from a direct attack and imminent threat to our nation. We have the duty to protect our international interests through diplomacy, peace and the proper internationals channels in the UN, but not through wars and violence. Sanctions are acts of war that harm mostly the vulnerable of any nation; especially kids and elderly. We have to be a model in protecting and abiding by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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