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Having proper physical and mental health care is a human right. Communities and states are responsible for providing the best health care to their residents. Sick people should worry only about their wellbeing.

 The culture of making a profit out of sickness is reprehensible and inhuman. Treating people who are in pain and providing the health care they need is one of the most honourable jobs. In the past, when the greed of capitalism was not controlling us, the health care was provided by a physician who was eager to help people out of compassion and humanitarian senses; it wasn’t a business. Sick people were given the care they need with no obligation of paying the physician. The whole community was honouring, cooperatively, their physician with covering the expenses of medicine and what he needed to continue serving his community comfortably.

It is understandable that current medicine is more complex than ever before. And that the needed budget for researching and covering the expenses is very high. On the other hand, it is not understandable nor justifiable to make a profit out of sickness. Helping people with what they suffer from must not be a business. The expenses of health care must be covered by the community through their government. The current business of health care that includes pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and for-profit medical institutions is driven by greed. The government should replace health insurance companies. The government also must regulate the pharmaceutical companies and the medical institution in a way that eliminate the current profit culture.

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