HomeI Did Not Attend Willamette Week’s Meeting To Be Insulted By Their Editor And Publisher


October 10, 2020

The Taher for U.S. Senate 2020 campaign is disappointed, but not entirely surprised, at the crude behavior of Willamette Week editors at the endorsement meeting to which they invited our candidate. A serious journalist does not yell at an interview subject. An interview is about learning someone’s views, not exploiting them as a foil to express the interviewer’s own views. Invited guests should be treated with respect, not insulted.

As these views of theirs were doubtless unshakeable from the start, with the only real question which Democrat they would end up endorsing, we’d like to suggest that in the future they abandon this sort of pretense and simply write articles expressing their opinions like honest editors. This may help them evade the presumption of insincerity so deservedly heaped on their profession by the public, and will certainly waste much less of the candidates’ time.

We challenge Willamette Week to release the full recording of this process for the perusal of their readers and the general public.

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