HomeJune: A Month Full of Sanctions


The imperialists in our government have been very busy this month, while the public is distracted by the current events, with advancing their targeted hegemonic projects around the world with no respect, whatsoever, to our Constitution, International Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our Government is already placing more than 20 countries around the world under sanctions. This month the White House increased the sanctions on Venezuela -despite their knowledge of the thousands of Venezuelans that have been killed already by our previous sanctions, targeting, this time their “oil-for-food’ program.

The White House also, in an unprecedented decision, sanctioned the International Criminal Court personnel after their announcement of starting the investigations on our military war crimes in Afghanistan, our longest war, in an attempt to pressure them to retract.

The Congress was not short-handed. Last week, the Senate passed resolution SR.545 urging the Trump administration to implement more pressure and sanctions on Nicaragua. The resolution passed by unanimous consent, showing their hawkish and imperialistic instincts.

And lastly, Ted Cruze’s announcement about his bill that sanctions the Cuban medical mission program.

Sanctions are inhumane acts of wars that very often pass undetected by the general public. Let’s not forget that our imperialists have been using sanctions for decades as a tool for their regime-change wars, therefore they violate the international law and our Constitution. Sanctions destroy countries and kill the vulnerable of the people. These heinous policies must stop if we truly care about human lives.

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