Our Fight is not Over. Salem, 03/19/2022 link to the speech.

Watch Rogue Splice interview on Ukraine here. 03/01/2022

Watch Ibra’s Speech at the People’s Rights-Lebanon meeting 03/08/2022 here. 

Benton County March 17th, 2022. Watch here. 

Yamhill County Republicans Feb 7th, 2022

Multnomah County Forum, 04/08/2022 Minute 42:10 link here

Wasco County, 04/06/2022 link to video

Benton County Senate Forum 03/31/2022 Link

Talk on Food Supply Chain

Sisters 04/13/2022. A lesson in Politics.


Central Bank Digital Currency. April 4th, 2022. Link to Video 

Polk County Republicans Feb 10th, 2022

Grant County Republicans 01/27/2022.


Beaverton Hillsboro Republican Women Club Feb 17th, 2020

Linn County Republicans, Feb 21st, 2022



Interview with major Prather. Minute 3:00 to 16:00

2020 Media


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