The media is the main source of public information. The only function that the media must have is reporting facts. A media that hide the truth, manipulate it or spread false information is outrageously dangerous; false information could lead to stripping people from their rights, contribute in oppressing groups or nations and it could even destroy entire countries.

Governments and people in power try, always, to control the flow of information in any society for the sole purpose of protecting their profits and special interests.

Media outlets nowadays are businesses that are controlled by the highest bidders who continuously seek to serve their own special interests. The mainstream media in our country is owned by six corporations and functions as a propaganda machine. Our government, which is controlled by the same parties that control the media, has protected the mainstream media; they haven’t been held accountable for laying, twisting information, covering up for criminals and attacking truth-tellers. As a matter of fact, our government itself uses and filters what appears on the MSM.

It is crucial, for the public, to always look at the main sources of information with scrutiny. Because, the compromised MSM depends completely on the fact that humans, as their nature, submit to authority. MSM has an authoritative status in the flow of information. For instance, the news reported on CNN are dealt with as facts by most of the Americans and accepted without any suspicion. We must always hold our judgments and positions until we examine/check the information ourselves or by confirm it with other reliable methods.

Moreover, the media can shape our politics, economy, culture and society. In politics, the media has been successful in keeping the public unaware of many important policies that enabled corruption to continue. The idea of voting to the lesser evil, for example, is extensively believed by Americans which effectively preserved the failed two-parties system in our politics for decades. MSM has been defending this idea by, vehemently, disregarding the existence of other parties’ candidates. The media also, through advertising, shaped the culture of consumption. Shifting people’s perception and evaluation have resulted in a more excess profit for large corporations. In particular, redefining commodities as necessities has led to swing our feelings and desires. The media’s menace goes beyond politics and advertisement. Substantial reform is exceptionally needed in this aspect of our lives.