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Friday, July 17th, 2020.


“Since March, our country has shifted rapidly toward authoritarianism in different forms. The most notable one is the introduction of the military to our societies. California, New York, and other states started deploying and positioning their National Guards under the pretext of maintaining order during the COVID19 event. The opposition to such policies was limited in the most part to the right.

A few weeks later, riots and protests erupted in different states for the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. Orders from Trump and number of governors have led to deploying more of our military in our streets, The opposition came in the most part from the left.

Thereafter, the government announced that the military will be in charge of distributing the vaccines when they become available. The discussion about using the military to be in charge of the big-brother surveillance (contact-tracing) and quarantining started te get louder. Arkansas has started to use their national guard to isolate supposed COVID19 cases and lock them up in certain facilities.

Furthermore, the Trump administration directed special military units to be deployed in Oregon under the guise of controlling the protests in Portland despite the National Guard already being present by Brown’s orders.

Looking at these facts, what was mere suspicion and concern in April now has become crystal clear; our government is deliberately dividing us ‘the people’ and moving toward unprecedented tyranny under different pretexts. It is also clear that the real conflict is not between Democrats and Republicans or left and right, but it is between the people and our elitist-controlled government.
I unequivocally condemn and reject the use of the military in our country under any pretext. And I call on the people to unite and leave their differences aside to face these imposed policies.”

Ibra Taher

US Senate candidate 2020

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