HomeOn The Unprecedented Draconian Measures Surrounding COVID19



“At the beginning of the supposed outbreak of COVID19, we were told by our corrupt bipartisan government that we needed to lockdown as a precautionary measure until we knew more information, despite the fact the at least three studies published in February concluded that this virus has a mortality similar to or lower than a bad seasonal flu, including one published by Fauci and the head of the CDC. Nevertheless, these studies have not stopped the government in cooperation with the media and public health officials from imposing fear and using it to justify their draconian measures, starting from the lockdown to the big brother surveillance (contact-tracing).

I thought that our corporate-owned government would stop after fulfilling their owners’ dream of covering up the overdue recession and the transfer of wealth from the hands of the people to the 1%. I was wrong. the government has not stopped its authoritarian technocracy plans, instead, it has accelerated them.

Despite the emergence of more than 40 worldwide studies confirming the findings of the first three studies, the corrupt government continued to impose more measures and more mandates instead of correcting their course. We are witnessing authoritarian measures that start with introducing the military to quarantine, deliver vaccines when available, and establish checkpoints, and stretch to constant surveillance, destroying small businesses, travel restrictions, school shutdowns, mandatory masking, and limits on activities and gatherings.

I condemn and oppose all of these scientifically baseless measures. I call on the people to unite against the government’s war on the people. We the people need to stand against this scandal”


Wednesday, Aug 5th, 2020

Eugene, Oregon