HomeOn The Upcoming Election And What Follows

We are only one day from the election day and all that I see is more crises. I am reaching to you today to express deep concern and great fear about the election day and what follows. I see the establishment persistent on dividing us like never before. Our media which function as a propaganda machine for the ruling class already deployed their vicious tactics to further divide us, instilling suspicion and doubt about the election integrity and distracting the people from the domestic enemies of our country.


The bureaucrats in a collaboration with the media and corrupt politicians have started again injecting the propaganda of foreign interference in our election. Democrats peddled the idea of Trump stealing the election and the new Russia-Iran-&China-Gate and Republicans also found in the mail-in ballots a reason to accuse democrats with the same.


Simulations events from Blackout and TIP for such an abhorrent plan have already taken place. Explicit and implicit speeches from leaders from both sides of the aisle urging their constituents to “be ready to rise up in November” and to “stand by” have been already given. My fear is that one of the major parties candidates or both do not concede to the other leaving the country in chaos and the public with hatred and doubts.


My fellow Americans, brothers, and sisters,  please be cautious and awake if the 1% decided to go ahead with such destructive events. I urge you to think about the need for unity before taking any action. And I beg you to not take your desperation out in the street or against those with who you disagree with. Please remember that politicians can manipulate the truth for their interests or other special interests and citizens must not fall into their traps. “Divided we fall”.

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