1. Public Health and COVID911

Individuals are sovereign and the government has no right to intervene.

The government has a limited, defined, and advisory role, generally, in public health. Enabling the public to achieve the best health outcomes, by research, knowledge sharing and possible coordination with local communities is the only responsibility and authority the government should have...(read more)


2. Foreign Policy and War

No regime change wars should be allowed. 

Peace, Respect sovereignty, and Fairness must be the pillars of any foreign policy. Wars must only be allowed to defend ourselves from a direct attack on our nation. By peace, we eliminate any act of war … (read more)


3. Environment

We have to protect our environment and also reject the globalists’ climate change narrative. 

Humans must adopt a lifestyle that satisfies our essential needs and preserves the planet. Our right of using natural resources must not be abused as an excuse that could negatively impact the environment, lead to species’ extinction, or pollute the air or the water…(read more)


4. Health Care

Health care must not be an industry and also must not be controlled by the government.

Having proper physical and mental health care is a human right. Communities and states are responsible for providing the best health care to their residents. Sick people should worry only about their wellbeing…. (read more).


5. Immigration

Immigration is a human right but our complex world necessitates strong and secure borders. No open borders.

Every person has the right to choose his home and no one has the right to prevent others from this human right. Unless allowing immigrants will have a serious negative impact, societies and nations should not prohibit people’s right in immigration…(read more)


6. Economy: Workers

The principles of the free market and collective bargaining must guide our laws.

Workers are partners, not slaves. Wages must have the power to provide a decent life. … (continue reading)


7. Economy: Real Estate & Loans

A strict control that adheres to the principles of liberty and the free market.

The real estate market has to be controlled by the state to ensure the availability of affordable housing for every citizen. Money is not a product, and shouldn’t be treated like one…(read more)


8. Police and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies must adhere to the constitution not officials’ unlawful orders.

The police are given more power than the whole department of justice; they can prosecute you, judge, convict you, and execute; within seconds… (read more)


9. The Media

Media is a tool of propaganda controlled by the ruling class.

The media is the main source of public information. The only function that the media must have is reporting facts. A media that hide the truth, manipulate it, or spread false…(continue reading)


10. Politics: Congress.

A republican form of government means that Congress must represent nothing other than the people’s will.

Congress’s only job is to represent people’s wishes on how the government and laws should look like. The authority of the congress and the government is powered by the people; without their consent, they have no legitimacy...(read more)


11. Politics: legislation

The principles of liberty, free market, family values, societal utilities, peace, and morality must be pillars of our laws.

Laws must be good for as many people as possible. The current process of legislating and voting guarantees the continuation of corruption…(read more)


12. Education

Parents are the authority and the government can only offer optional help. 

Nations’ developments are measured by their investment in education. Investing in education is, factually, an investment in the future of the nation. No civilization can last without knowledgeable and moral people…(continue reading)


13. The Second Amendment

The rights of the second amendment cannot be regulated, controlled, or restricted by the government. Thus, training classes, special taxes, special fees, conceal carry regulations, open carry regulations, background checks, and red flag laws must all be rejected… (continue reading)

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