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The police are given more power than the whole department of justice; they can prosecute you, judge, convict you, and execute; within seconds.

Police and law enforcement must not abuse their powers to harass, humiliate, insult or endanger any human. Their sole mission is to protect people, make sure we are safe and enforce the law and order. The granted powers for police and other law enforcement must not be given arbitrarily without strict criteria. Courage, patience, diplomacy, morality, compassion and high intellectual skills, must be present and evaluated carefully in this sector; to minimize the possibility of giving this huge power to the wrong person.

There is no greater oppression than being killed for no valid reason by someone who must protect you. Police cannot use aggression or fatal shooting without strict rules and without accountability. The right of punishment is exclusively obtained by a court ruling. Firearms must not be used to shoot, intimidate or scare the public. The only acceptable reason to shoot is to prevent known equal harm to self and others if and only if there was no other way to prevent it. A mere fear for life is not an acceptable justification to use firearms. Suspicion of having a gun, or merely holding it or even threatening another person with it, all of that is not enough justification to fatally use firearms; that is, holding, having or threatening others with a gun are not crimes that can be punished with death. Psychological harm by police and law enforcement should not be permitted unless necessary.

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