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Acknowledging the importance of order and justice in societies, policies, laws and legislations must defend and protect three foundational values: Justice, people utility and family. Laws must be good for as many people as possible.

Justice is a fundamental and wide value to which equality, freedom, rights, and responsibility are subordinates. Equality is included in the definition of justice, it means treating everyone, in the same category, by the same treatment without any discrimination. Sex, wealth, age, and health are different categories. The equality that does not take these characteristics into account could be unjust and be a form of oppression. In some cases, the line between equality and justice is very fine, wisdom is very essential in such cases. For instance, inequality of pay between males and females for a job with identical specifics is not fair and unacceptable. But, taking the special needs of motherhood into account for paid leave, is a form of discrimination that is required for justice.

Rights and responsibilities are too included in the definition of justice. Freedom is an important right, but it must not be mistakenly defined as the unconfined freedom of the individual within society. Individuals have responsibilities toward their societies and not only rights. The current conditions of freedom are dangerous to societies, it only gets restrained when there is direct violence or oppression imposed on others, the psychological well-being of the society is often ignored or unnoticed. Individualizing laws destroys societies. Laws must preserve societies and protect them; they must be good for the entire society. Rights must not be confused with personal desires and must not harm societies and ‘humanity’. The utility of the people should also mean ensuring that the people in the society are able to live, economically, a decent life. It should not mean that societies are allowed to adopt a law that benefits them and, parallelly, harms other societies or nations. The current economic system, especially since the 1960s, has participated significantly in destroying communities and societies. The corrupt political system that is controlled by rich oligarchs, neglected families, broke them and encouraged individualizing societies.

Our laws must protect children to the highest degree from this corruption. The psychology of children requires a healthy family structure. Child psychological needs, regardless of sex, are balanced by having his/her father and mother in his/her life. Kids must not be separated from their parents before conducting an extremely detailed analysis of the case; for the damage of separation might not be reversible. The rise of mental health problems in our country is unprecedented, and by large it is a direct consequence of the changes in the family structure in our culture. Drastic and rapid solutions must be a priority for lawmakers: they must act boldly before we reach an irreversible damaging point. Needless to say, families are the foundational structure of societies and nations, a broken structure leads to weakness and chaos.