The current lockdowns are not scientific by any means. In fact science has shown us that these lockdowns caused more deaths and will cause more deaths in the future. The lockdowns are attacks on people’s rights and crimes against humanity.


Contact-tracing is scientifically not affective and not needed for flu-like illnesses. It is clear to me that its current deployment is nothing but an increase in the abilities of the long-known surveillance state that we live in.


I oppose mandatory vaccines for three reasons: 1. safety: some vaccines cause injuries, 2. With immunity being the goal, the argument of transmitting the disease is eliminated, 3. It violates citizens’ sovereignty over their own bodies.


I am thankful for the diligent work of the BHA to defend Americans’ access to water streams and public lands. I am honored to take their pledge in an effort to support their great work.



The TRACE act is nothing but an explicit authorization for the ‘surveillance state’. Like the PATRIOT Act, this act is a totalitarian attack on every American’s rights of freedom, security, and privacy, except it, is, heinously, much higher in magnitude.



Sanctions are economic warfares, it violates international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I strongly oppose this hegemonic tool.


Like the Ranked Choice Voting system, the STAR voting provides a great step toward a better representative democracy.



I refuse to accept any corporate money including fossil fuels. Oil companies have a long history of influencing politicians and that must be stopped.



It is logically indisputable that Mariuana has to be legalized.


I strongly support the efforts of Move to Amend to overturn Citizens United and amend the constitution to make it clear that corporations are persons.



I do not support the Jordan Gove Pipeline project for the environmental risks that were voiced by the local residents such as risks of pollution.



I am honored to have signed the pledge to divest from the war machine in an effort to fight for peace.


I pledge to do everything in my power to end our imperialism in Africa and around the world. I am honored to sign BAP’s pledge.


Americans have the right to protest any entity or government peacefully as guaranteed by the constitution. Boycotting the Israeli government for their human rights abuses must not be an exception if we truly respect people’s rights to free expression and speech.

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