HomePress ReleaseMeeting with Eugene’s Mayor on the Homelessness Crisis

Thursday Oct 31st, 2019

” I would like to thank Mayor Vinis for her work and the time she gave today to meet with us. Our meeting went as expected; No positive outcome. As I recognize that the homelessness is a national crisis that resulted from sophisticated economic and cultural dilemmas, I still blame the leaders of our city for the lack of action. In our discussion, we did not bring solutions that the Mayor does not already know about. The solutions or the strategies that aim to offer some services and temporary housing solutions have been already proposed and discussed for years by hundreds of people and several groups in our City, but the excuses are the same. I believe strongly that the City leaders have been always able to do a better job. A lot of the points that we discussed today were under process for years without any result, and the Mayor answer for the reason of this very slow process was “I don’t know why”; this is not an acceptable answer from the head of the City. I and some members of the Pacific Green Party delivered a List Of Demands and suggestions that the City leaders are entirely capable of implementing within days. I hope that The City leaders constantly remind themselves that, while in this cold and wet weather, they can easily get under a roof and stay warm and dry, there are at least 800 people in our city who have no roof over their heads that can keep them warm and dry.”

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