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The government has a limited, defined, and advisory role, generally, in public health. Enabling the public to achieve the best health outcomes, by research, knowledge sharing and possible coordination with local communities is the only responsibility and authority the government should have. Moreover, the government lacks the authority of imposing laws, rules, restrictions, and controls on the relationship between doctors and patients.

Humans as humans are sovereign individuals. Sovereign individuals, parents, and the guardians of dependents hold the sole responsibility and authority of caring for their health and their dependents’ health. Electing the type of healthcare, treatment, and preventative measures are exclusively the responsibility of the individual, parents, and guardians. Parents’ and guardians’ negligence in providing the best health care to their dependents must not justify the government’s and the community’s intervention in their choice. Nevertheless, local communities should intervene on behalf of the minor or the dependent when the negligence of the parent or the guardian is causing significant and intolerable harm to the minor or the dependent.  Such intervention must be logically, morally, and scientifically justified. The justification must not be controversial, vague, disputed, or driven by ideology, belief, disputed value, directive, propaganda or politics.

Transmitted and tolerable diseases such as the flu, cold, and COVID911 do not warrant any government or community intervention. Individuals’ concerns and fear of such tolerable community diseases cannot be the basis of any intervention. Individuals’ rights and sovereignty must not be mistakenly considered a justification for irresponsible actions. Protecting oneself, children and dependents is the responsibility of the sovereign individuals.


Preventing the spread of severe and intolerable communicable diseases is individuals’ and communities’ responsibility. Measures, laws, rules, and any intervention to prevent the spread of severe and intolerable diseases that has been empirically proven to be harmful, with no doubt, controversy, or dispute, to the majority of the people must not violate any human right. If in extreme circumstances, the overwhelming majority in local communities decided to use the government to mitigate the spread of intolerable and severe diseases- that are harmful to the majority of the public, the government must not violate any individual rights. Individual rights cannot be used to justify harming other people. That is, rights, generally, are balanced by responsibilities. The government and communities must explore all options that protect people’s rights in an open discussion before the enactment of any rule, law or measure that violates people’s rights. The availability of options such as wearing extra personal protective equipment or temporarily avoiding social interactions with susceptible populations invalidates the justification of restrictions that violate others’ rights. The Evaluation of harm, severity, the benefit of the planned measures must not be disputed scientifically, logically, and morally. Emergency preparedness plans must follow all of the mentioned values and principles.




As outlined in my statements from March 26th, 2020, May 15th, 2020, July 15th, 2020, Aug 5th, 2020, and Feb 9th, 2021, COVID911 is a war on the people. This political event weaponized science, defamed it, and used it to usher in a system that resembles slavery.

SARS-CoV2 is an epidemiologically mild virus. Therefore, prevention and mitigation for 99% of the population are not justified scientifically and logically. The government’s violations of our human and constitutional rights had no moral, scientific or logical justification. Even if, for the sake of the argument, assuming that the virus is severe and intolerable, it is undisputed according to the dominant narrative that only a fraction of the population is vulnerable to it. Furthermore, if we assumed that, for the sake of the argument, that the virus is intolerable to a significant portion of the population, the implemented measures that violate our rights are not the only options that the government could have chosen. Worse, the enacted measures themselves are proven to be, scientifically, invalid.

The COVID event is a political event that was allowed to take place by our executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. Only a handful of our public officials stood up for us. It is our responsibility to stand up, united, for our future.

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