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Money is not a product, and shouldn’t be treated like one. The culture of making more money through lending it to people who have no other choice to cover their ‘needs’, is an oppressive culture. Life necessities and needs, like medical care and housing, are human needs that must not be used for profit by lenders and others. Lending money for people to cover life necessities is a form of help, its unethical to make a profit off people in ‘need’.

Home loans “mortgages” are no exception from what loans must be.

Student loans are shameful fraud legalized by our corrupted politicians. That is, providing education is states responsibility, it reflects its development and ensures its continuity.

Real estate

The real estate market has to be controlled by the state to ensure the availability of affordable housing for every citizen. The current housing crisis can be reduced to two main reasons: 1. the drastic shift in the culture of family. The philosophy of individualizing societies has impacted the family structure in the US. Starting from the 1960s -or maybe before, to the present, families started to shrink, the extended family has been replaced with the nuclear family. The inventions of birth control methods and the rising financial difficulties have helped to delay the idea of marriage and normalizing sex before marriage. As the culture of marriage was fading the civil partner was taking its place, the phenomena of single parenting emerged, amounting to nearly 50% of families in the US. This drastic change in the family structure was not met with the same drastic housing Supply. 2. The unbalanced and controlled housing prices including empty lots. The unjustifiable increase in the real estate market is not driven by anything other than greed.

The current real estate crisis devastated families and transformed homelessness from being cultural phenomena and mismanagements on the person end to a crisis fueled by our political and economic systems. The current homelessness problem is a direct consequence of the unbalanced real estate market that currently threatens 12% of Americans.

Rent rates must not exceed 20% of a minimum-wage monthly income for an individual, and houses prices should not exceed what is paid for as rent in 15 years. Housing stability and security are essential for a stable society.

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