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The current voting system (Plurality) has enabled the plutocrats and oligarchs to maintain a firm grip on the outcome of our democracy; it can be easily manipulated. And since money can buy everything in our country including politicians, the status quo made sure that no one from outside their two-corporate-parties can win any important seat in the legislative body in our government. That is, a real representation of the public, will hurt their special interests and stand with the people against their greed. Consequently, the people lost any hope in reform and in a real representation for their voices.

The STAR voting system provides a way out of the 1% control in our country. It eradicates the notion of voting for the ‘lesser evil’ and minimizes the impact of the misinformation campaigns being used in the mainstream media.

We adopt and advocate for the STAR voting because we strongly believe that it is our best option that has the capability of ending the corrupt doupoly in our politics and standing for the people in the face of the status quo crimes.

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