HomeStatement on The Current Protests and Police Brutality


It is agonizing to admit that I have not seen our country in such a bad shape in my whole life and the worse is yet to come. It feels like the COVID outbreak was stage one and now we live in the second stage.

I look at our justice system and see proposals of indefinite detention, biometric surveillance, and extreme political interference in civil movements and liberties.

I look at our medical system and scientific research and see a heavy political presence and interference. The level of corruption caused by the Medical Industrial Complex resulted in life losses without any accountability.

In recent days, our politicians are tirelessly trying to use the current protests as another card in their political game. The public eruption in response to police brutality provides a perfect opportunity for politicians in the election year, to score more points and grow their base. Those opportunists had every chance to address and fix this atrocious reality in our justice system but chose not to and looked the other way. Most of our politicians spent years in their positions and failed to address a tragic issue that has not stopped claiming innocent lives for decades. Leaders suppose to lead the efforts in fixing our problems and not wait for the public uproar to get louder, to pretend to be serving them.


I have addressed the brutality of our law endorsement several times in the past and I am going here to reassert several points:

  1. Police brutality stems from psychological characters that have been integrated into the culture of policing by the lack of legal and moral accountability. For instance, the feeling of weakness followed by citizens disobeying officers’ orders, mostly, shifts the response into personal covered by the legal shield.
  2. Our justice system and our culture in general, subconsciously, regard people’s lives less worthy than officers’ lives. Which, in turn, leads to less or no accountability for police abuse and misuse of their given power. Moreover, the ‘fear for life’ which justifies the use of fatal force, is a great example of that mindset. The ‘qualified immunity’ is another outrageous consequence for such impeded notion.
  3. The class war which contributes indirectly to systemic racism continues to manifest in different forms one of which is police brutality.
  4. The recruitment of police and law enforcement disregards moral evaluation and personal discipline as necessary conditions for acquiring such a huge power.
  5. A continuous training with the objective of protecting people’s lives and rights is largely missing from our current programs. On the contrary, we are seeing training programs by Israeli forces that are known for their human rights violations and war crimes.


I would like to emphasize on the need for unity in the current situation. The gap between the ideological left and right is being widened by the two-party system which views this divisiveness as an opportunity to strengthen their grip on power.

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