HomeThe US Attack on an Official Iraqi Force

” Yesterday our military carried out an attack on an official Iraqi force killing and wounding more than 70 Iraqis. The attack violates the sovereignty of the state of Iraq which in turn violates article 6 of our Constitution by violating International Law: particularly the UN Charter. Iraq has lost nearly a million lives because of the war that we waged on them based on what turned to be a dishonest pretext. Now, instead of being a force of help, our military retaliates for the killing of a US civilian in Iraq by murdering more than 20 people and wounding more than 50. Our military violated the sovereignty of Iraq a nation that we are not at war with, by retaliating with an attack over an internal incident that should have been solved in the courts.

The ramifications of this attack are still unknown, but if anything, it will farther destabilize an already unstable region, which contradicts our official objective of bringing peace and stability to the Middle East.

I condemn this irresponsible violation and call on Congress to investigate it and holds our military and the responsible parties accountable.”

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