HomeWars and Foreign Policy reform

1. Immediately cease all acts of war including economic sanctions and other violations of nations sovereignty.

2. Refrain from any intervention or illegally middling in other nations affairs, including assistance to rebellions, backing and planning for coup attempts, and interfering in their political system or elections. In particular Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Syria.

3. Withdraw immediately from Syria and Afghanistan and refrain from further interference in their affairs.

4. End financial, technological and military aid and arms sales to countries engaged in human rights abuses or/and regional violations in support of US hegemonic projects.

5. Recognize that neither the President nor the Congress can wage, participate or support any act of war without adhering to the U.N. charter.

6. Revoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)

7. End spying programs on other nations.

8. End government’s propagandas programs and refrain from manipulating and manufacturing the public opinion.