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This is a very important question that clarifies why candidates want to run for public office and whether what they claim is consistent with what they propose. I would like to give a little wider view of why I got involved in politics and then specify my current race.

A moral and just world has been my dream since before going to college. As a matter of fact, it was the reason why I studied philosophy. It was obvious to me that the postmodernity world has a wide range of new challenges that affect our ethics, economy, social relations, politics, and culture.

I was thinking that through philosophy I will be able to participate in making the world a better place. My interests in philosophy were related to this utopian world that I was dreaming of. I started researching metaphysical and ontological issues that deal mainly with existential subjects that are the foundations for moral theory. I thought that by solving and theorizing in ethics, politics, law, economy, and social theory, I would be contributing and giving the world what we need: the truth.

As much as my observation and knowledge about the main challenges to a fair and just, peaceful, and moral world were growing, my hopelessness was growing too. Politics control almost every aspect of our lives; it shapes our entire culture. No matter how hard we pursue the truth, we cannot influence people without the involvement of politics. Politicians, mostly, are driven by power and self-interests, reforming society and enhancing people’s lives are not priorities for them, unless they are their gateway to power. I hated politics and I saw that there was no hope for a change or a reform in politics.

But, things have changed!

Over the past 4 years, I started to notice an increase in public awareness around politics in general, of the illusion of the two-party system, about the corruption and the failure of our officials, and the reality of our foreign policies and the monetary system. 

I ran in 2020 for the US Senate on minor party tickets, the Pacific Green Party, with a co-endorsement from the Progressive Party of Oregon for their tolerance of my anti-war activism. However, after the #COVID911 event I realized that this is not where I should be if I want to continue to fight for integrity, accountability, and liberty, which led me to switch to the Republican Party after the elections.

I am aware that the majority of the GOP leadership is in the same boat as the liberals when it comes to authoritarianism, the Federal Reserve, big government, corporatism, and globalism.

But my hope is in the majority of the constituents of the Republican Party in Oregon. Over the past 19 months, I’ve seen courage, integrity, and honesty. I have seen willingness to hold all of our officials accountable for the war against us. And I see a strong rejection of the globalists’ take over of the world. This is the most pressing issue of our time. 


Why I’m running for Congress?

It is proven that gradual transcending in positions is not related at all to the ability to fight corruption and reform. On the contrary, taking politics as a career minimizes the possibility of fighting the corrupt system in many ways. Having said that, I believe that I can be more effective in this seat than in any other position.

As a philosophy graduate, I was trained to THINK logically and morally. Thinking, seeking the truth, and evaluating the ethical aspect of the law is what most politicians lack, and it is also what I am going to provide when elected. Furthermore, I am going to be a servant for the people. Our politicians do not engage us in the law-making process, they do not come to us and discuss with us what they are going to vote for. Their town halls are a mere promotion for what they already have done, or an opportunity to make excuses for their already made decisions. This is not a democracy! This is not a true representation! This is not how I envisioned my serving time in office.

Moreover, the corruption, the repression, and the control that we are struggling with are coming from our BIG federal government and the best way to change it is to replace those who are in power. In my estimation, we have only one strong liberty advocate in the Senate and only a handful of honorable people in the house of representatives. WE NEED MORE!

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