Taher for Oregon

Who Am I?

A Husband & A Father

From a young age, I understood marriage and family as the essence of this life and the ultimate happiness. I have been married to my wife Zahra, my first love, for 13 years, and together we have 3 beautiful kids.

A Philosopher

I was attracted to philosophy when I learned that it provides the deepest understanding for several aspects of our lives. Philosophy studies the foundations of our value system which is the base of politics. Unfortunately, our lawmakers lack such vital understanding that impacts all of us.

Peace & Human Rights Activist

I am devoted to spreading peace in the world. The issues of liberty, wars, and Anti-globalism are, sadly, not a priority to many human rights activists. If the rights to life, dignity, free speech and freedom are not protected, then what's the point of protecting other rights?

Why I am running?

It Is A Responsibility

Understanding that our democracy has been hijacked, the will of 'We The People' is no longer represented and the level of corruption that is being maintained is unprecedented, I believe that we are all responsible to restore our democracy, defend our constitutional rights and fight authoritarianism

We Need Strong Leaders

Strong leadership in such dire times is without a doubt essential for the success of any movement. The technocratic war that has been waged on us requires strong opposition and strong and dedicated leadership. We in Oregon cannot afford not to have it.

People's awareness

People, now, are more aware than ever before of the corruption of our captured government, Congress, and federal agencies. And more importantly, they realize that our elected officials from both sides of the aisle are not willing to fight for them. This realization is the first step for a change.

My Positions

End The Federal Reserve
Pro Life
Pro 2nd Amendment
Non-interventionist Foreign Policy
Secure Borders
Secure Elections
Localizing The Economy
No Globalism

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