Taher for U.S. Senate 2020


10 people arrested for protesting our crimes 👇🏼 https://www.democracynow.org/2019/10/3/headlines/10_arrested_in_anti_drone_protest_at_nevadas_creech_air_force_baseDemocracy Now Story Obama in 2016 alone dropped 26,000 bombs, multiple strikes could be considered one under the Pentagon definition. 26,000 thousands bombs Drone strikes always have casualties, but this haven’t stopped our government from continuing to use them in their alleged fight against terrorism. Although the...


STAR Voting

Election ReformSeptember 27, 2019

What is STAR voting? A voting methodology developed to be an alternative to the current voting method (Plurality). The winner according to STAR voting is determined by two steps: First, all the scores for all the candidates are added up. The second step is an automatic runoff between the two highest-scoring candidates. In the runoff,...


Why I’m Running!

GeneralSeptember 6, 2019

This is a very important question that clarifies why candidates want to run for a public office and whether what they claim is consistent with what they propose. I would like to give a little wider view on why I got involved in politics then specify on my current race. A moral and just world...