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I conjoin the condemnation of both Israeli and US/NATO war crimes, which are morally and legally inseparable since we as citizens are enablers of both. We must demand that our government comply with the UN Charter and related international law as the Constitution requires (Article VI), including cessation of protection for Israeli crimes in compliance with both the UN Charter and our own laws prohibiting arms export and foreign assistance to outlaw nations.

Trump’s ‘Middle East Peace Plan’ is nothing other than legalizing Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.

This is fundamental to our own national identity — will we conduct ourselves as respectful citizens of the world or as leaders and protectors of outlaw nations? We condemn the Saudis crimes, we condemn their sponsorship of Wahabism and we condemn every ideology that justifies killing innocent people or violates their inherent rights to live peacefully. 

And to be honest, this is not merely one administration perpetration or one party’s wrongful doing. It has been the adopted policy for decades, since the 1950s.

It is disgusting to see politicians from both parties raising the flag of the two-state solution while the reality is there is nothing left for the Palestinians. 


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