UncategorizedCandidacy Announcement for the US Senate seat 2022

November 28, 20210


I am pleased to inform my fellow Oregonians that I have decided to run for the United States Senate seat on the Republican Party ticket in the next election cycle.

Our country, and the world, are experiencing the most vicious war ever waged on humanity. The technocratic elites have used, and still are using, manufactured pretexts to advance their global and centralized authoritarian technocracy agendas.

Our health, economy, and values are under an abhorrent attack. The people are losing what little control they have over their livelihoods to monopolies and corporatism. Our health is sharply deteriorating under the watch of our captured public health agencies.  And our cultural values are being replaced with harmful ideologies that are destroying the fabric of our societies and breaking us into programmed individualized entities.

Oregonians, and the country, need to be led by fighters who have the capacity to deeply understand the current war and its consequences. Under partisan excuses, our elected officials have failed us and led us straight to the technocratic path to modern slavery. Oregonians have known me to be a fighter with the knowledge and courage to stand alone for them. And this is what I will continue to do.

I have been always an independent thinker whose loyalty belongs to the people. Joining the Republican Party, which I always criticized its leaders, will not change my loyalty. In fact, I see now in the Republican voters strong advocates and allies for what I have always stood for. The awareness of the globalists’ war and its dimensions, including foreign policy, is rapidly growing among conservatives. Winning a seat in Congress with such worriers fighting next to me will further my reach and strengthen the voice that I represent.

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