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January 6, 20220


Today, we remember the tragedy of Jan 6th, 2020. A day in which tens of thousands of Americans from all over the country, of different races, affiliations and beliefs gathered in the nation’s capital to raise their voices and demand justice, honesty, and integrity from our elected officials after their failure in addressing the anomalies surrounding the 2020 election.

The tragedy of this day was not caused by the largely peaceful protest, despite the irresponsible acts from a few hundred, but by the government’s weaponization of this event against ‘We The People’ that was only enabled by our propaganda machines that deployed every deceptive tactic to portray these protesters as insurrectionists attempting a coup.


Biden shamelessly said today that: “one year ago, democracy was attacked”

Wyden, also, regurgitated the Democrats line and said: “January 6th will forever be remembered as one of democracy’s darkest days”.


Indeed, what’s left of our democracy was attacked, and it will be remembered forever as one of the darkest days in our history. It will be remembered as the day that justified suspending the constitution and our values. It will be remembered as the day that allowed our government to target its political opponents. And, it will be remembered as the day that allowed the government to criminalize the demands for integrity and accountability.

Today, under the Biden regime, questioning the integrity of the election could be classified as domestic terrorism. Today, hundreds of Americans are being detained without due process.


Yes, it is a tragedy that has been developing for decades.

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